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If you choose to have us build your Passive House, we’ll pay for five years worth of heating cost.*

Maine Passive House is a green building and design company. We can custom build new houses, remodel or restore your existing home, and help with design, to create a beautiful, comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home. Being green isn’t just about using the correct lightbulbs or flooring, but actually understanding what we’re doing and why it makes sense.

Our strengths lie in our knowledge of the science of building, our meticulous planning and organization, and our high quality custom woodworking  and cabinetry.  Having built everything from ski chalets and residential homes to agricultural timber framed structures to renovating historical buildings we have worked in the Sunday River and Bethel area since 1996.  Over the years, we have developed a network of reliable and trustworthy sub contractors who take as much pride in their work as we do.

Our commitment to energy efficiency and the superior comfort of our houses have led us to become a Passive House consultant in training. We offer complete Passive House construction, design, and PHPP consulting (energy calculations) with a promise of an 85 to 90% reduction in energy use for heating and cooling.

* Cost of heating based upon PHPP calculation

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